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* Minor Repairs: 6 months, unlimited miles

* Leak Repairs: 6 months, unlimited miles

* Transmission: 36 months or 100,000 miles

* Drive Shafts: As long as you own the vehicle, including cars, pickup trucks farm/grain trucks and equipment, semi-tractors. Off road and racing applications... 2 years.
Note: The only 2 requirements to keep the warrantee in force NO RUST in u-joint caps. (Indicates they weren't lubricated at regular intervals) and keep the original invoice safe. The invoice is required for ALL warrantee claims.

* Clutches: If installed by All-Tran and used for daily driving, 3 yrs or 50,000 miles; This includes PARTS AND LABOR.
Most repair centers make you pay for the labor again if you have a warrantee claim. NOT All-Tran !!
If you didn't tell us where to get the parts, why should you have to pay the labor again?! To our way of thinking, it's not fair. If Sold as a Hi-Performance or Racing unit, 2 yrs.

* Transmission:
Major retail repairs are Warranteed 36 months or 36,000 miles whichever occurs 1st for stock/original equipment repairs. We also have HEAVY DUTY transmission UPGRADES available with SPECIAL bands, friction kits, roller clutchs, converters, planetarys and valve body kits.

These units have correspondingly higher cost but with even longer warrantees up to 4 yrs/150,000 miles.
If you need a heavier than factory transmission and a longer warrantee, All-Tran has the solution!



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